I appreciated how Life Drivers Training helped prepare me so well for the drivers test -- especially the parallel parking.  I felt like they really helped me!

Taylor Nash

January 10, 2016



Taking driver's training with Life Drivers Training was an extremely positive experience. In both Segment One and Segment Two classes, there was an atmosphere that was open and fun, but also conducive to learning the information I needed to become a safe and skilled driver. 

The classes were something to look forward to, and by the time I was taking each written test, I was completely prepared due to the way the lessons were taught.

On the road, my experience was completely different than I had expected.  Having been involved in multiple car accidents when I was younger, I had initially been nervous.  As I was driving with Life Drivers Training, I was soon completely confident, because I was calmly instructed through every aspect of my time in the car.  

In addition to the drive times during Segment One and Segment Two, the ability to schedule Parking Practice before my road test played a huge part in my confidence and ability to park. Anyone who says that parallel parking is too hard to learn just hasn't been to the right place!

I would definitely recommend Life Driver's Training to any parent looking to enroll their son or daughter.

Makenna Pitchford

January 4, 2016



Life Drivers Training helped me to become a confident and safe driver. The classes were always informative and full of practical information, as well as fun.

When it came to actually getting into a car and driving for the first time, Ron was able to help calm my nerves and teach me driving techniques in a productive and professional way parents can't generally do.  Instead of freaking out like many parents do, his calm demeanor kept me calm too.

I would really recommend doing Parking Practice with Life Drivers Training, because it prepares you for taking the parking portion of the road test.  I was able to get a perfect score on my parking test, and that would not have been possible without Ron's help and instructions.  I highly recommend Life Drivers Training!

Sydney Pitchford

January 4, 2016



"My daughter took a different drivers training school prior to doing Segment 2 with Life Drivers Training.  There is no comparison between the two.  I wish we had started with Life Drivers Training from the beginning as her confidence soared after learning from them.  Our other kids will certainly be taking classes from Life Drivers Training in the coming year!'

Rev. Ken Nash

Byron Center, Michigan

December 28, 2015



I have not driven in 30 years.  I needed a refresher coarse badly.  My skills were very outdated and lacking.  Ron from Life Drivers Training was informational and very helpful.  I recommend their services.  Thank you very much for your help in getting my license back.


Daniel Hall

December 15, 2015



I recommend Life Drivers Training to all my friends.  My youngest was fortunate enough to be a student there and the difference between their program and others is evident from the first parent meeting.  Ron and his staff keep the classes interesting and fast paced, necessary to retain the attention of teenagers.  In addition, Ron’s background and talent working with youth hits the mark with young people, they hear him, they listen…and I believe they are better informed and better drivers after completing the program.

I learned things I didn’t know from my daughter. I am more aware of my surroundings.  Life teaches and stresses defensive driving, and does it well.  I am very confident riding with my daughter – her training shows.  I also like the communication and information I received as a parent, Life helps answer questions about the process.  

Overall, Life offers a solid program that reaches teenagers, trains them properly and completely, and does it with sensitivity to individual abilities.


Judy Thomson

Clarksville, MI

December 23, 2015



If anyone has a child or friend that needs to take drivers training I highly recommend Life Drivers Training.

I can personally say that they take great pride in making sure that our kids, the next generation of drivers, are well educated, and confident with themselves while behind the wheel.

My daughter took Segment One with a local drivers training program in the area.  She spent a lot of time reading and trying to memorize the rules of driving, with minimal driving time.  She often wasn't confident in herself and rarely wanted to drive after she completed the local program.

We decided to go to Life Drivers Training for Segment Two, which was the best decision we ever made.  She still wasn't extremely confident in driving at first, but Ron spent a lot of his time driving with her.  Giving her tips to become more confident in herself while driving.  He faithfully continued to work with her until she felt "safe," sure of herself and confident to begin driving daily.

Ron has made it very known that no matter how much time goes be she is always welcome to contact him / Life no matter how much time goes by.

I  have twins who will be ready for drivers training soon.  Life Drivers Training is definitely the place they will attend. 


Eva Nichols

December 14, 2015



If you’re looking for the best defensive driving course for yourself, a friend, or your child, choose Life Drivers Training owned by Ron Zuverink.

Ron has taught all 4 of my kids and they are now confident and safe drivers. 

Part of Ron’s Life Driver’s Training mission is to help drivers believe in themselves so they can take the first step to becoming confident defensive drivers for life.  Ron stands behind this and I have seen my children become excellent drivers.

Ron’s motto is “We Commit for Life” and I have seen this first hand.  One of my kids requested additional help in parallel parking after completing the course.  We scheduled a time with Ron and he did a one-on-one session as a refresher.  Ron also offered extra help with winter driving if needed. He really does honor his motto.  

I would recommend Life Driver’s Training.


David Kempisty

December 15, 2015



Our young adult daughter has some learning disabilities and never participated in driver's education in high school.  Someone mentioned that Ron from Life Drivers Training specializes in young adults with learning disabilities.  When we first met Ron, we immediately connected with him.  He portrayed a very positive image about the Life Drivers Training's program for our daughter.  We agreed to private lessons and on day 2, our daughter drove about 20 miles home to our house with Ron.  We were amazed and our daughter was filled with excitement and confidence.  Ron regularly sent text messages to keep us current on her progress.  Today, it's one year later and our daughter recently received her Michigan driver's license and is driving independently.  We are so grateful for Ron's passion, patience, and positive demeanor to encourage our daughter.  It's truly a miracle!  We would highly recomment Ron's program!


Jim and Denise Fairbrother

December 12, 2015



I was very happy to discover Life Drivers Training.  Ron was able to teach my daughter to be a "three sixty" driver with an awareness of what is going on all around her and he instructed in a patient and gentle manner.  The confidence he boosted in her was exactly what she needed. I would highly recommend Life Drivers Training to anyone and everyone.  I even learned some things during the parent observation time which have in turn made me a better driver myself and a better driving coach to my daughter.  I feel confident knowing that I can contact Ron any time down the road if we should have any other driving instruction needs.  He is top notch.



February 12, 2014



I would like to say that Ron helped my daughter out.  My daughter is a young adult that waited a bit to get her license.  I was beside myself as a single mother and had no one to help me.  Everyday was a challenge to teach my daughter to drive.  I have a lot of gray hair from the whole experience of me trying to teach her.  Ron put a lot of time in with my daughter teaching her to drive and she made it.  She has her license to drive now.  When I met my daughter and Ron at the Secretary of States office the smiling faces was priceless.


Lisa Sayers

February 2012



The way Ron creates a safe and fun amostphere for the students to learn in, testifies to his heart for teens.  He cares that the student is successful in learning to drive.


Kimberly Butler

March 3, 2012



I found Ron to be genuinely personable guy, clearly stated and clearly understood, with absolute focus on the student, gaining competency by the end of his course. He quickly gained my respect and trust.  His interaction with us as parents and with our child as his student exceeded our hopes for a positive experience.  Ron will see our next two as soon as they are ready to start their drivers' training.


Hank Butler

March 3, 2012



The stress and almost terror I felt towards driving slipped from my mind after my first drive with Ron.  It's calm when you're driving with him because you know he;s looking out for you.  He's guilding you step-by-step and can take control of the vehicle if the need arises.  


His calm transfers to the classroom as well.  I felt comfortable learning the basics of driving from him.  The program is up-to-date and the pace of it isn't too fast or too slow.  In class sometimes we would get a little rowdy, and Ron had no problem gently steering us back on track.  


He's very respectful and in turn I really gained respect for him.  My transition from passenger to driver became an achievable task because I took Life Drivers Training.




Hannah Bulter


March 3,2012




As parents we were very thankful to find such an excellant program for our daughter to learn good defensive driving habits. 

We are excited to rreinforce the detaied skills that Mr. Zuverink has instilled in her, ensuring that she will be a life long confident and conscientious driver in our community.

Also as a result of the challenge to model these habits ourselves, I made a vow to never use my cell phone while driving again.


Appreciative parents 

February 2012



“To whom it may concern,

Ron Zuverink was an attentive and caring driver's training teacher for my daughter, Casey. He went beyond the call to emphasize the importance of driving safely, for both the driver and the people in the other vehicles.

In fact, I have never encountered another driver's training teacher who took his job more seriously than Ron. Teaching kids to drive was not a sideline. It was his job and he did it well! I hope and pray that he will continue as a driver's training teacher in the Caledonia community.”

Miriam Hinkle



“Ron Zuverink helped me become a confident driver by his encouraging words and his calm manner in teaching. Ron has a sincere interest in teenagers and in their future success in driving.”


Claire Timmer, Caledonia



"I loved driving with Ron because he was always encouraging us and he never yelled which made it easier to stay calm.After getting to know him while driving with him it was easy to tell he was very committed and loves his work!"



“To whom this may concern,
This letter is to express my family's gratitude to Ron Zuverink. My family includes four, fifteen year olds (quadruplets). Two of which have already been through Ron’s teaching experience, and two more are in training now. My husband and I have been very impressed with how Ron always takes the extra time to encourage his students to develop good driving habits. We were very satisfied with Ron's patients and teaching skills.  


"Good teachers are very rare and we consider Ron one of the best.” 

Shelley and Lee Esterley September 24, 2009


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