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Interview with Fox 17 News on 12/28/15

Life Drivers Training had a live interview with Fox 17 on 12/28/15 that went live at 6am, 7am, 8am, and 11:30am.
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Signup for Class

To sign up for a segment one or a segment two class click on the menu links to your right on this page.  At the next page you see, you will be shown a list of classes that are still open.

We would like to thank you for visiting Life Drivers Training, and we look forward to meeting all of your segment one and segment two needs.  When signing up for segment one with Life Drivers Training you are getting a lifetime commitment with us.  This simply means that at any time if your son or daughter needs help on anything, you just need to contact us.  Note: Parents you will get a letter approximately two weeks before your son or daughters class starts.  There will be a parent / student training session the Saturday before the class begins. This is a very important class for you to make sure you attend, Life Drivers Training hopes that you will think of this as a mandatory class for you to attend.  During this parent / student training you will receive an overview of what will be taught over the next three weeks.  We will discuss rules, drive times, curriculum, how as parents you will be involved, respect that will be expected in the car and in the classroom. We will spend time going over the parent goals that Life Drivers Training has.  As owner and operator of Life Drivers Training I pride myself on the level that I strive to get the parents involved, in the classroom, observation of their teen driving and hearing what I have to say to them as parents.  They will also be challenged to take the same test that their son or daughter takes to reinfroce what is taught so they can continue to encourage this material for years to come.  


We do adult driving lessons

Life Drivers Training does adult driving lessons in most locations.

We also pickup and drop off. These are some of the locations that we serve, however, make sure you call if your city is not listed.

Caledonia, Alto, Middleville, Kentwood, Hastings, Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Cutlerville, Lowell, Grandville, Wyoming, Wayland.

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