Frequently Asked Questions


Can my daughter or son miss any class time at all?

No, the state requires 24 hours of class time; any missed time is required to be made up with the instructor.


How many driving hours and observe hours are required by a student?

The state requires that students get 6 hours of driving and 4 hours of observation.


When do students schedule their driving hours?

The instructor will both work with students as a class and individually to schedule driving times. Students will also have access to the driving log as students become more aware of what they are doing.


Are students required to keep track of their own drive and observe times?

Instructor will keep a master schedule, however, students are required to keep track of their scheduled times by recording on a drive / observation record sheet. Students will also be expected to get these drive times home to their parents on their drive sheets.


What happens when a student can’t make a scheduled drive or observation time?

Every effort should be made to get to their scheduled time if at all possible. A notice of 24 hours is required. In the case of sickness and/or emergency consideration should be taken for the instructor, please call us as soon as you know.


Do parents need to schedule a drive time with their teens to get an observation time in?

Life encourages parents to ride along with their teen at least once, typically on their last drive. Parent is not required to schedule a time, but it is very helpful when this is done. It is strongly encouraged that the parent who will do most of the driving with the teen should be the one to schedule a drive time with their son or daughter.



What are the classroom hours for the class?

Unless otherwise noted the hours will always be scheduled for the block of time assigned to that session. It will be Monday - Thursday for three weeks.  The only reason it would vary from that would be if we are working around a holiday.


What will the teen end up with at the end of the segment one class?

After completing all classroom hours, driving, observations and any test requirements the teen will than be presented a segment 1 certificate from Life Drivers Training to then go to the Secretary of State and receive their level one license.


When is the best time to take drivers training?

It doesn’t really matter, because at LIFE your son or daughter can come back and drive at any time with us and drive for life.


We do adult driving lessons

Life Drivers Training does adult driving lessons in most locations.

We also pickup and drop off. These are some of the locations that we serve, however, make sure you call if your city is not listed.

Caledonia, Alto, Middleville, Kentwood, Hastings, Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Cutlerville, Lowell, Grandville, Wyoming, Wayland.

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