Life Drivers Training - Cedar Point Trip 2017

Currently we have a Cedar Point chartered bus trip planned for August 4, 2017.  We have done this every year since 2010, at the start of Life Drivers Training.  Our goal at Life Drivers Training is to create a safe and fun trip. As such, we bring adult chaperones to help manage this lively group of teenagers on the bus and in the park.

This trip is meant for anyone entering or attending high school.  It is not required that trip attendees be previous students of Life Drivers Training.  Generally we fill a 54 seat Compass bus, we encourage you to sign up in advance, teens tend to wait till the last moment. There have been years that we have filled two buses.  For Life Drivers Training to be successful with the planning of these trips, it helps if you sign up in advance.  

We leave the from Life Drivers Training's Caledonia location at 4:30am and get to the park when it opens.  We leave the park at 8:00pm and head back to Life Drivers Training.  With a planned stop at roughly 10:30 in Dundee, Ohio when kids can use the restroom and purchase food, we generally get back to Life around 1:00am Saturday morning.


We do adult driving lessons

Life Drivers Training does adult driving lessons in most locations.

We also pickup and drop off. These are some of the locations that we serve, however, make sure you call if your city is not listed.

Caledonia, Alto, Middleville, Kentwood, Hastings, Cascade, Ada, Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Byron Center, Cutlerville, Lowell, Grandville, Wyoming, Wayland.

Call us for more information


Upcoming Classes

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Segment Two Caledonia 4/30/18

Segment Two in Caledonia starts on April 30 - May 2, 4-6pm , 2018.   Please signup on the classes page on this site or call us at 616-570-3487
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Life Cedar Point Trip

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